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Damian Kerlin

The Iris Podcaster

Damian Kerlin is a writer, broadcaster and content creator. Damian has written for Attitude, The Telegraph, The Independent, The Belfast Telegraph, Out News Global, Gay Community News and Left Foot Forward.

Damian featured as part of Sony’s Broccolli Productions award winning flagship podcast, Anthems Pride having written and recorded a script from an LGBTQ+ perspective inspired from the word FAMILY.

Selected as one of three Acast Amplifiers for his LGBTQ+ docu-series podcast ‘Memories From The Dancefloor’ which was released in February 2023 for LGBTQ+ History Month to critical acclaim, featuring in The Sunday Times, Financial Times and The Guardian. With over 16,000 downloads in its first month ‘Memories from the Dance Floor’ was Acast’s third highest listened to new podcast in February 2023.“Damian is a great new talent, with an impressive skill of bringing out the best in his interviewees, which means that Memories from the Dancefloor had genuinely revealing and moving stories, as well as a generous dollop of wicked gossip. He mixes a real journalistic inquisitiveness with the talent for telling a compulsive audio story.” – Clair Woodward, The Sunday Times