My work is very much about centring folks who haven’t been at the centre of the story

Fawzia Mirza (she/they) is a trailblazing queer, Muslim, South Asian writer/director who’s films serve up much-needed representation while also making audiences laugh and cry. Her upcoming feature directorial debut, The Queen Of My Dreams, is a dramedy that explores the life of a Pakistani-Canadian family. Azra (Amrit Kaur), is a queer young woman who lives a very different life from her conservative Muslim mother Mariam (Nimra Bucha). But when grief strikes their family, Azra finds herself on a Bollywood-inspired journey through memories – both real and fantastical – from her mother’s younger years in Karachi to her own coming-of-age as an immigrant in rural Canada.
I get the chance to talk to Fawzia ahead of the film’s world premiere, here’s what she had to say…