Why is Iris only available in the UK?
The short films competing for the Iris Prize, Best British Short Film and the feature films that we are screening are geolocked to the UK in order to respect our partner film festivals across the globe. Get in touch with your local film festivals about specific films you’reinterested in watching!

Iris Live and our Iris Industry events are available on Eventive for everyone across the globe
to watch.

Will Iris be back in person next year?
We’re hoping that she will, but at the moment we’re focussing all of our energy on Iris 2020!

I’m having trouble accessing Eventive, who can help me?
During the week of the festival (6-11 Oct) please contact us on help@irisprize.org between 10am-10pm
and we will endeavour to help you solve any issues. You can also get help from Eventive via their help pages.

What is the Iris catch up service and why does it cost money?
We’re thrilled to be offering a 3 week catch up service of all Iris content on Eventive so that people who may have missed the festival can access the programmes and so that those who attended and enjoyed are able to watch again and share with friends. The Iris Prize Festival is free to access online from 6-11 October, which we’re really proud of and we hope means it will reach more people than ever. However, whilst it is free for you to access during this time it isn’t free for us to host it – so the catch up service is a way of Iris being as widely available as possible this year whilst also covering the festival costs.

Who can I contact regarding Press opportunities?
Please contact Paul Smith paul@irisprize.org for UK enquiries or Lynne Reynolds lynne@irisprize.org for Wales (including Welsh language) enquiries.

How can I help Iris?
Iris is always on the lookout for volunteers. Find out more here.
If you’d like to make a donation to Iris then you can do so here.