2018 Programme

Best British Shorts 2 – Queer Now

The second programme of Best British shorts examines what life is like for queer people living in the UK today

85 mins + Q&A

What is life like for queer people living in the UK today? What are the moments that define us? Has the progress of the last 50 years reached every corner of the country? These six short films ask all of these questions and many more, placing modern Britain under the microscope and reporting back with unsparing honesty. From a chance encounter that may or may not end in violence to tales of empowerment and confidence, these are warts-and-all portraits of Britain in a time of change.

Kenneth O’Toole | UK | 8min

Jesse Lewis Reece | UK | 23min

Crashing Waves
Emma Gilbertson | UK | 4min

Joseph A. Adesunloye | UK | 14min

The Unlimited House of Krip
Garry Robson | UK | 28min

Ladies Day
Abena Taylor-Smith | UK | 8min