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Best Intentions

Amy enters a promising new relationship, brimming with love and hope. However, as time passes, the relationship takes a dark and distressing turn. Trapped in a web of manipulation and fear, she struggles to recognize the gravity of her situation. That is until Kat, Amy's loyal and determined best friend, makes it her mission to unveil the truth and free Amy from this harrowing ordeal. Navigating the complexities of their friendship, Kat embarks on a profound journey to awaken Amy's awareness that her experiences are far from normal. Together, they forge an unbreakable bond, serving as Amy's lifeline to escape the clutches of her abuser. Best Intentions is an emotionally charged and compelling film that sheds light on the destructive impact of abuse. It underscores the significance of friendship and the bravery required to confront the harsh realities concealed beneath the guise of love.


Jade Winters


Alex Hogben


Jade Winters and Ella McCready



United Kingdom, 15 Minutes

Since childhood, Jade’s ambition was to have her stories reach the big screen. Aged eight, she used her pocket money to send her scripts to any producer she could find in the Yellow Pages. Although she had no luck, Jade did receive one reply in which she was told to never give up. The desire has stayed with her ever since.

Jade left school at fourteen without any qualifications. It wasn’t until her late twenties that she undertook an Access course and then went on to gain a 2:1 BA(Hons) in Journalism. In 2011, Jade published her first novel 143 and to date, she has written over thirty novels, most of which have been Amazon bestsellers. In 2017, her novel Lost in You was shortlisted for the Amazon Kindle Storyteller Award. An award that spanned all genres and had thousands of entries.

After adapting two of her short stories into screenplays (Love on the Cards, The Love Letter) which were then made into short films, Jade decided to direct the next screenplay she penned – In Her Place. Building on that positive experience, Jade went on to write and direct a further six short films and also made her directorial feature film debut with an adaptation of her bestselling novel ‘143’, which premiered at Out on Film, Atlanta in October 2021.