Iris Prize Shorts 2021

En ce moment

In March 2020, as Belgium went into lockdown, photographer Serena Vittorini found herself sharing a house with Ophelie Masson, shortly after their relationship had begun. The disruption of the pandemic and the difficulties they face in communicating with one another make this an intimate self-portrait of two women thrown together by circumstance.


Serena Vittorini


Renata Ferri


Serena Vittorini



Italy, 15 Minutes

En ce moment is a love story between two young women during the lockdown imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The protagonists meet, fall in love and live the love experience in a limited time and space. The film portrays their failed attempt at communicating their emotions and needs in an alternation of intensity, suffering and passion.

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Serena Vittorini (born in 1990) is a visual artist based in Brussels. After graduating in Psychology she decided to dedicate herself entirely to the study of Photography and Communication, at ISFCI (Rome – IT) and IED (Milan – IT). At the beginning of her research path she was interested in the analysis of the processes of modification of places and the relationship between human presence and representation of urban space. In recent years she has been working on projects concerning the relationship between identity and memory, integrating in her research photographs of her own production, archive images, installations and audio works.