Iris Prize 2019



Lene Pottgießer & Christian Hödl


Andreas Günther


Lene Pottgießer & Christian Hödl

Germany, 30 mins

In the bleak Bavarian hinterland, youngsters Ferdi and Jacky share a passion for modelling and dream of competing in the famous reality show Germany’s Future TopmodelReal life as unemployed young adults in this rundown backwater is nowhere near as glamorous. How far are they willing to go to make dreams a reality? FAME is a story of friendship and the relentless fight for beauty. 

Programme 4 | The Village | Cineworld Screen 15 | Thur 10 Oct 10am

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Christian Hödl and Lene Pottgiesser met at the University of Film and Television in Munich where they studied documentary film making and screenwriting. Together they made several short films together, with FAME being the second fictional short film they directed together.