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From A To Q

When Alex wakes suddenly from a dream where she’s intimate with her best friend, her whole world is turned upside down.


Emmalie El Fadli


Emmalie El Fadli, Katie Pratten, Hansof Waller, Mark Owen, Bob Oliver, Dionne Jacomello


Emmalie El Fadli



England (UK), 19 Minutes

‘From A to Q’ is the story of 22 year old Alex who wakes suddenly from a dream where she’s intimate with Kayla. Only problem is; Kayla happens to be Alex’s best friend and Alex has never been with a girl before…

She now has to navigate through her new found feelings, all the while trying really hard not to mess up the friendship she’s had since she was 5.

Emmalie is a writer, director and editor based in London who grew up in Spain, France and the US.

In 2018 she made her first lesbian short film called ‘The Date’ which went on to do very well at film festivals around the world and has over 800k views online.

Since then, she’s set out to create positive lesbian representation and in 2020, she made her second short film ‘From A to Q’.

She’s very passionate about telling real human stories and hopes to continue doing so for as long as she can.



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