Iris Productions

Involuntary Activist

Aled is faced with a dilemma when his sister tells him his husband isn’t on the guest list to her wedding in Turkey. Torn between alienating the sister he loves or doing something that goes against his own core values, Aled struggles to keep everyone happy.

Exploring the theme of conformity versus defiance – Involuntary Activist shows us how easy it is to stand for something in theory but what a different matter it is to stand for it in practice.


Mikael Bundsen


Grant Vidgen, Isabella Rodriguez


Rick Yale, John Partridge, Eiry Hughes, Suzanne Packer



UK / Sweden, 19 mins

This is the tenth short film to be made by a winner of the Iris Prize. Celebrating LGBT+ film the prize is awarded annually in Cardiff and allows the winner to make a new film. Mikael Bundsen from Sweden won the Iris Prize in 2017 and in 2018 filmed Involuntary Activist in Pontypridd and Cardiff.


  • March: Bafta Screening, Cardiff, Wales
  • May: Inside Out, Toronto LGBT Film Festival, Canada
  • June: Grimstad, Norwegian Short Film Festival, Norway
  • July: OUTFEST, Los Angeles LGBTQ Film Festival, USA
  • August: GAZE, Dublin’s LGBT Film Festival, Ireland
  • August: Phoenix Cinema, Leicester, England
  • October: Nordic Int Film Festival, Roaxy Cinema, New York, USA
  • October: Image Out, Rochester LGBT Film Festival, USA
  • October: Uppsala Short Film Festival, Sweden
  • November: Mezipatra, LGBT Film Festival, Prague
  • November: Aesthetica Short Film Festival, York, England
  • November: Side By Side LGBT Film Festival, St Petersburg, Russia


  • February: Plymouth (details tbc)
  • February: Bournemouth (details tbc)
Bafta Cymru, Best Short Film nomination.