2018 Programme

Iris Prize Shorts 1 – With Friends Like These

The first programme of Iris Prize shorts explores troubled, messy friendships with often brutal honesty

68 mins + Q&A

For many young LGBT+ people, our friends form a kind of surrogate family when our real families aren’t as accepting as we’d like them to be. But what if friendship sours? What if the friends we have don’t really know us at all, or aren’t ready to accept us for who we are? The four films in this programme take a look at troubled young friendships, exploring childhood and young adulthood with often brutal honesty, but also tenderness and tremendous insight.

Wild Beasts (Villdyr)
Sverre Kamme | Norway | 10min

Pink Pill (粉色药丸)
Xiaoshan Xie | China | 30min

Three Centimetres
Lara Zeidan | Lebanon/UK | 10min

Don’t Call Me Bro (Nenn Mich Nicht Bruder)
Gina Wenzel | Germany | 18min