2018 Programme

Iris Prize Shorts 2 – Gender & Family

The second programme of Iris Prize shorts tells 3 very different experiences of transgender family life

53 mins + Q&A

How does coming out as transgender, or introducing a transgender partner, affect our relationship with our family? How does it alter our role as a parent, a daughter, a son? These three films take very different approaches to the subject of gender and family, from a moving exploration of motherhood to a touching tale of family reunion and a bittersweet comedy of manners. At a time when transgender rights remain a major talking point, these stories remind us that away from the headlines, real life is often most importantly about the ones we love.

There You Are
Lisa Donato | USA | 17min

Profane Cow (Vaca Profana)
René Guerra | USA | 15min

Séverine de Streyker, Maxime Feyers | Belgium | 22min