2018 Programme

Iris Prize Shorts 4 – Finding Pride

The fourth programme of Iris Prize shorts sees outsiders and misfits begin to find both their place in the world & their pride

62 mins + Q&A

Outsiders and misfits unite in this joyous programme of films about pride. Pride isn’t just an annual march or popular brands adopting the rainbow flag. Pride is being proud of ourselves, proud of discovering and caring for others, and proud of facing up to a world that often struggles to understand. With a focus on younger characters discovering their own source of pride, the four films in this programme are a colourful celebration of LGBT+ defiance, solidarity and friendship.

Meaghan Palmer | Australia | 15min

Mario Kinzer | Germany/Colombia | 15min

Volker Petters | Germany | 16min

Mrs McCutcheon
John Sheedy | Australia | 16min