2018 Programme

Iris Prize Shorts 6 – Intimacy

Iris Prize shorts programme 6 delves into the most honest and vulnerable stories as intimacy is shared - and longed for - in a host of different ways

66 mins + Q&A

What do we mean when we talk about intimacy? The physical intimacy of a lover? The emotional intimacy of a trusted confidant? The anonymous intimacy of a stranger? These four films explore many different kinds of intimacy, and what it means for different people. From a telephone call in which strangers reveal their deepest secrets to friends sharing beds, bodies and more, this programme explores those moments when we’re at our most honest and our most vulnerable.

Marc-Antoine Lemire | Canada | 23min

Sleepover (Sova över)
Jimi Vall Peterson | Sweden | 9min

Our Skin
João Queiroga | USA | 17min

Girl Talk
Erica Rose | USA | 17min