Programme 2016

Iris Shorts Programme 8

74 mins

How To Be Alone
Erez Eisenstein
Country: Israel
Time: 22 min, 2015

Listen to me: there is life without love. Loneliness is the soul’s forgotten desire. You don’t need anyone. Don’t search, don’t hope, don’t dream; and only then, perhaps, you too will learn how to be alone.


Kaspar X: If I Had a Soul
Kaspar Wan
Country: Hong Kong
Time: 24 min, 2015

If I had a soul is a short film that follows Kaspar’s personal journey through his conversations with his family, his friends and with God, as he connects with his inner self and comes to terms with being a trans-man.


Sunday Lunch (Le Repas Dominical)
Céline Devaux
Country: France
Time: 13 min, 2015

It’s Sunday, which means James goes over to his parents’ house for the usual family meal. The family ask questions, but don’t listen to James’ answers. The family give James advice, which they themselves don’t follow. In this extremely funny film, Celine Devaux explores the tradition of the family Sunday lunch and a situation we can all relate to!


The Den (La Tana)
Lorenzo Caproni
Country: Italy
Time: 15 min, 2015

Christian is on vacation with his family: wife and son. One day he meets Luca, an old friend, at the bar on the beach. This face emerged from the past bothers Christian: Luca asks Christian to restart a game interrupted many years ago.