Best British 2018



Nathalia Syam


Dominique Unsworth


Nathalia Syam and Neetha Syam



UK, 4 mins

While a young man, Jas (Harvey Dhadda) prepares to impress his potential bride, his mind strays to a painful secret. In the briefest of snapshots, director Nathalia Syam highlights the conformities of tradition along with the freedom allowed by embracing your true identity.

Lehenga has been shortlisted for this year’s Best British Award, sponsored by Pinewood Studios.

Best British Shorts Programme 1 | Cineworld, Screen 15 | 7pm, Thursday 11 Oct


Nathalia is a filmmaker who works on films between the U.K and India and has directed a total of four short-films, which has been screened at festivals. Her films often portray social themes where viewers can relate and connect to the characters through real-life situations that are plausible. Nathalia hopes to continue making films that reflects the conflicts faced by characters within their own diverse and socio-cultural environment.
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