Iris Productions

Little Man

Based on the short story “Your Man” by Etgar Keret, Little Man is a psychological thriller about one’s inner demons. Elliot (Daniel Boys) is about 30 but is unable to form a long lasting relationship – he has a talent for destroying every potential one – and continues his search moving on to the next available man.

During the weekend when his brother Ryan shows up having decided to spend some time apart from his wife, Elliot becomes obsessed with a very odd, spying neighbour who is making too many loud noises that make his head explode. Reaching his limit Elliot is out to kill whatever is eating him up inside.


Eldar Rapaport


Grant Vidgen and Christopher Racster


Eldar Rapaport and Dalit Ziv


Daniel Boys, Darren Evans, David Hempstead, Thomas Charles Middler, Jamie Thompson, James Beaumont, Dan Edwards, Craig Jurassic, Geraint Nott



UK / Israel, 22 mins