Iris Prize Shorts 2021

Must Be Painful

In a train station’s waiting room in the Czech countryside, Czech student Danny and his Spanish boyfriend encounter a pair of locals who do not realise that Danny can understand every word they say, including their sarcastic comments.


David Semler


Ondřej Šejnoha


David Semler



Czech Republic, 15 Minutes

Danny, a Czech student, and his Spanish boyfriend go on a trip to the Czech countryside. At the railway station they meet a couple of locals who do not know Danny understands them, so they start to make sarcastic comments. It does not take long until this situation generates a conflict, the outcome of which is devastating for both couples.

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David Semler (*1990 in Prague, Czech Republic) is a screenwriter and a director, currently working towards a master’s degree at Prague’s FAMU. David has written two feature-film scripts, which are now in production. Must Be Painful is hit debut as a director.