Iris Feature 2017

Palace of Fun

During a heat-wave in Brighton, a mysterious drifter comes between a rich brother and sister.


Eadward Stocks



UK, 80 mins

A chance meeting in a nightclub begins a summer romance for Lily and Finn. Instantly smitten with one another, Lily invites Finn is to spend the week with her at her family’s oppulent Sussex home, while her parents are holidaying in Italy. But their romantic break is disrupted when Lily’s brother Jamie discovers a revealing secret about Finn, and uses it to play a dangerous and sinister game with his sister’s new flame.

Written, directed and produced by brothers Eadward, David and George Stocks, Palace of Fun is a compelling psychological drama that wears the influence of Patricia Highsmith’s ‘Ripley’ novels on its sleeve. All three Stocks brothers will be joining us in Cardiff, and taking part in the 2017 Producers Forum to talk about how they funded and made this low-budget British movie.

There will then be a short Q&A after the screening.