Iris Prize 2019



Audrey Rosenberg


Cailin Lowry


Audrey Rosenberg



USA, 22 mins

In small-town Massachusetts an isolated queer teenager struggles to navigate adolescence in a world that seems determined to push them out. Imprisoned in a body that feels wrong, Charlie hits puberty, a milestone which turns into a dark, surreal journey into an underground cave, where they’re presented with the opportunity to wear another skin and see life through a new, perhaps more fitting, pair of eyes.  

Programme 3 | Becoming | Cineworld Screen 15 | Wed 9 Oct 7pm

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Audrey Rosenberg is a writer and director based in Los Angeles and a graduate of USC’s film school. Her work focuses on queer- and female-driven narratives, blending extreme genre elements with strong thematic cores of coming-of-age stories. She works as a writer’s assistant by day, while pursuing her own work in her free time. Rosenberg’s roots are in production design and world-building, which allow her to push visual boundaries in her work. In her free time, Rosenberg attends life-drawing classes around LA and is an avid watcher of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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