2019 Programme

The Blonde One (Un Rubio)

Wed 09 Oct 2019, 20:30
Friendship evolves to intimacy as two men connect in the suburbs of Buenos Aires

DIRECTOR: Marco Berger
PRODUCER: Marco Berger, Lucas Papa, Gaston Re
WRITER: Marco Berger
argentina, 108 mins

In the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Gabriel (Alfonso Barónmoves in with colleague, Juan (Gaston Re); but while Gabriel is gay, Juan seems the epitome of straight machismo, a revolving door of beautiful women streaming out of his bedroom. Lingering looks and wandering hands lead to moments of intimacy between the two men, but what begins as something purely physical rapidly evolves into something deeper. 

“Both Re and Barón underplay the roles perfectly, baring themselves physically and emotionally to make every moment of the film feel honest… Staggeringly resonant.” Gay Essential 

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