2018 Programme

Talk: “They Don’t Go to the Cinema!”

Join our panel to discuss lesbian & bi women's cinema, the difficulties surrounding making films for this audience in a male-dominated film industry, and how the internet may be changing that.

Following the screening of the documentary Dykes, Camera, Action! (“It’s the Celluloid Closet of Lesbian cinema”), our panel will discuss what lesbians and bi women are watching today, and where and how they choose to watch it.

The film industry still thinks lesbians and bi women don’t come to the cinema, and that films by, for and about them won’t make money. This may have been true in the past, but is it still the case? And if so, why?

Online streaming platforms have given women freedom to create and watch the content they want without the middleman (and yes, it’s usually a man). Is this the only future for lesbian and bi women’s stories on screen? Do Lesbian and Bi women really not want to come to the cinema? Or are they just fed up of waiting for the films they really want to see?