2022 Iris Prize shorts

Thot or Not

Why is it that one influencer is considered “effortless, sexy and inspiring” while his boyfriend, who presents a virtually identical feed, is perceived as “cringey”? ‘Thot or Not’ is a witty take on modern influencer culture and the latest animated micro-short film from illustrator Dylan Glynn.


Dylan Glynn


Dylan Glynn


Dylan Glynn



Canada, 2 Minutes

Dylan Glynn is a painter, author and animator based out of Toronto, Canada. His multidisciplinary practice which includes a broad selection of traditional media (watercolour, pastel, collage, pen and ink), 2d cel-animation, and Photoshop is unified by Glynn’s signature application which he describes as “one-shot, first-thought best-thought, perfectly imperfect”. In effect, Glynn brings the decisiveness and vitality of a 30-second gesture drawing to every medium he explores.

Read our interview with director Dylan Glynn here

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