27 May 2020
Festival Manager Grant Vidgen looks back at his role in bringing Iris and the Iris Productions to life
Team Iris
14 May 2020
By Berwyn Rowlands
Team Iris
06 May 2020
by Berwyn Rowlands
Team Iris
01 May 2020
By Daisy Gould
Team Iris
13 October 2019
Yesterday we found out which films are in the final running for the Iris Prize and Best British awards. Today we'll find out which films have won. But first, let's take a look at what happened on Super Saturday.
David Llewellyn
12 October 2019
'Sequin in a Blue Room' is a dark tale of online hookups and obsession and will have its UK Premiere at this year's Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival. Our guest blogger Edward Lee looks at how recent films, including 'Sequin...', have addressed the dark side of social media and online dating.
Team Iris

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