05 July 2019
· British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) confirmed as new partner for the Iris Prize
· BUFF will nominate a short film for the Best British Award at Iris and present a programme of Iris Prize shorts in London
· “This partnership is a reminder that diversity starts at home.”
By Team Iris
25 June 2019
• The early-bird full festival pass and weekend passes on sale at the reduced price of £115 and £78.

• “What will you see in Cardiff?” returns in bold 2019 marketing strategy as Cardiff is put centre stage for 6-day LGBT+ film festival.

• Ana Jaks’ popular illustrations evolve in a series of colourful and confident designs for Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival’s 2019 marketing campaign.
By Berwyn Rowlands
11 April 2019
• Directors, actors, producers, industry professionals and LGBT+ activists gathered at The Ministry in London to congratulate the much-loved LGBT+ champion at Iris Prize's annual London Reception
• “British audiences would be starved of LGBT+ content if it were not for the work of this amazing, kind man”
By Team Iris
19 March 2019
• Rick Yale, John Partridge, Suzanne Packer and Eiry Hughes star in INVOLUNTARY ACTIVIST – the 10th short film made with the Iris Prize
• “Mikael’s taken the ordinary and created something extraordinary, which captures the gay experience in 2019.”
• INVOLUNTARY ACTIVIST available on BBC iPlayer for a month following premier on BBC Two Wales on Thursday 21 March 2019
By Berwyn Rowlands
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