Best of Iris to visit towns and cities across the UK in 2022. 

Double Iris Award winning Baba to get BIG screen exposure in cinemas across the UK.

Powerful selection of Trans stories to be included in UK tour.

Seven award winning short films from the 2021 Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival have been chosen to tour the UK in 2022. The programme includes the short films which impressed audiences, including the judges during the Cardiff based festival in October 2021.

One of the highlights includes double award winning BABA, written and directed by Sam Arbor and Adam Ali – and only the second British film to take both main awards at Iris Prize. The film follows a queer Libyan teenager, Britannia’s dreams of escape to a better life, but an unexpected discovery forces him to question whether to stay or flee from his homeland and his friends.

The 2022 tour also includes a programme of three trans stories which reflect the world today for the trans community in South Korea and the UK.

Screenings have been confirmed in Liverpool (Fact), Manchester (Home), Plymouth (Plymouth Arts Cinema), Blackpool (Central Library), Swansea (Taliesyn), Newcastle (Tyneside), Aberystwyth (Aberystwyth Arts Centre), Bournemouth (Arts University Bournemouth), Bangor (Pontio), Cardiff (Chapter).

Here is the Trailer:

Screenings are taking place across the UK.

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