Award winning illustrator Ana Jaks works with Iris

• Cardiff’s LGBT+ film festival reveals colourful illustration for 2018
• Illustrator Ana Jaks is a World Illustration Award winner
• “[The] illustration says ‘This is Iris’ far better than anything we could ever spell out with words”
Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival today unveiled their design for 2018 – in the form of a bold illustration from Bristol-based illustrator Ana Jaks. Jaks, who earlier this month received a World Illustration Award for a project with Facebook, was chosen for her colourful, modern style. The design marks a new venture for the Cardiff-based film festival, with the first time an illustrator has been commissioned to work with the team. In the lead up to the October festival, the illustration will be seen across Cardiff on posters, programmes and more, as well as across the web and on social media. Daisy Gould, Iris Prize’s Head of Marketing, commented: “It’s a cliché that a picture says a thousand words, but this illustration says ‘this is Iris’ far better than anything we could ever spell out and I am thrilled. I hope people in Cardiff and around the world will see this design and immediately know that Iris Prize is an inclusive, friendly and fun celebration of film – and most importantly that we are unabashedly LGBT+! Iris has been striving to improve gender representation so we were particularly keen to extend this project to a female illustrator. However, gender aside, Ana is at the top of her game and her enthusiasm for the project shines through. What she’s created is amazing and I’m sure will help Iris reach a new audience” The main festival sponsors are: The Michael Bishop Foundation, Welsh Government, BFI, Ffilm Cymru Wales, Pinewood Studios Group, Cardiff University, For Cardiff, Gorilla Group, Co-op Respect, Cineworld and Gelert Post Production. The festival also works in partnership with BAFTA Cymru, Pride Cymru and Stonewall Cymru. Iris on the Move is also funded by Film Hub Wales.