Iris Prize 2018 – the best in LGBT+ storytelling

• 35 short films compete for the 2018 Iris Prize

• 20 countries represented bringing together films featuring contemporary dance, brutal violence and challenging stories about gender

• The £30,000 prize continues to be supported by The Michael Bishop Foundation
Organisers of the Iris Prize have today announced details of the 35 short films competing for the Iris Prize at the 2018 Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival. The winning director will be presented with £30,000 to make their next short film here in the UK, supported by the Michael Bishop Foundation. Andrew Pierce, Iris Prize Chair, commented: “This shortlist represents the very best in LGBT+ storytelling, offering a window into queer lives of the past, present and future. From love stories to tales of persecution, and from moving documentaries to joyous celebrations of freedom and pride.” “I can’t wait to see them on a big screen and enjoy the conversations that flow after each screening. I’m always pleasantly surprised how much is packed into a short film.” David Llewellyn, Iris Prize Media Co-ordinator, commented: “In previous years we’ve taken a kind of “Revels” approach to programming – you never quite know what to expect. There’s a lot to be said for that, but we’re also aware that audiences often want something a little more focused or tailored to their interests.” “Certain themes always seem to emerge as the shortlists come together. In previous years, we’ve had an abundance of stories about parenting or disability or ageing. This year, we’ve noticed a number of films that tackled masculinity in interesting and provocative ways, and so we have a programme that brings together contemporary dance, brutal violence and challenging stories about gender.” “Another programme deals with the idea of new beginnings. Stories tackling LGBT+ issues can be dark and upsetting, but the films in It’s a New Day are all life-affirming and positive, from the animated tale of a woman's deepest desires, to a meditation on bottoming that features an animated talking poo (an Iris first)." The 35 short films competing for the 2018 Iris Prize are listed in full here:
Wild Beasts (Villdyr) Sverre Kvamme Norway
Pink Pill (粉色药丸) Xiaoshan Xie China
Three Centimetres Lara Zeidan Lebanon /UK
Don't Call Me Bro (Nenn Mich Nicht Bruder) Gina Wenzel Germany
There You Are Lisa Donato USA
Profane Cow (Vaca Profana) Rene Guerra Brazil
Calamity Severine de Streyker, Maxime Feyers Belgium
Crashing Waves Emma Gilbertson UK
War. Room Ben Hantkant Israel
Michael Joseph Jason John Scott T. Hinson USA
Wren Boys Harry Lighton UK
Something About Alex Reinout Hellenthal Netherlands
Tasty Meaghan Palmer Australia
Dario Mario Kinzer, Jorge A. Trujillo Gil Germany/Columbia
Superheroes Volker Petters Germany
Mrs McCutcheon John Sheedy Australia
When the World Changed Anderson Clark USA
Bachelor 38 Angela Clarke UK
The Red Tree Paul Rowley Ireland/Italy/USA
Pre-Drink Marc-Antoine Lemire Canada
Sleepover (Sova över) Jimi Vall Peterson Sweden
Our Skin João Queiroga Portugal/USA
Girl Talk Erica Rose USA
Masks Mahaliyah Ayla O USA
For the Good Times Andres Daniel Sainz Spain
How I Got to the Moon by Subway Tyler Rabinowitz USA
Rick JP Horstmann Germany
The Shit! An Opera Kevin Rios USA
Zero One Nick Neon USA
Bacchus Rikke Alma Krogshave Planeta Denmark
The Things You Think I'm Thinking Sherren Lee Canada
The Other Side (Al otro lado) Rodrigo Alvarez Flores Mexico
Ajay Vikrant Dhote India
The World is Round so that Nobody Can Hide in the Corners, Refuge: Part 1 Leandro Goddinho Brazil/Germany
Losing Sight of a Longed Place Ka Chun Shek, Chun Long Wong Hong Kong
  The Iris Prize Montage features the music of Bright Light Bright Light. Lead singer Rod Thomas will entertain guests at the Iris Carnival which incorporates the Awards Show on Sunday 14 October.