El Bergonzini

Freelancer and Film Student at USW

Pronouns: They/Them
Favourite film: Avengers Endgame (basic I know, but how can you not!)
First LGBTQ+ film/one that had a big impact on you: Everything Everywhere All At Once – While not a prominent exploration of LGBTQ+ stories, it explores a subtle but important daughter/parent relationship that resonated with me.
Where you are from originally and where you are living now: Originally from Tavistock, Devon – now live in Cardiff where I plan on staying for the foreseeable future.
Languages spoken: English, Italian
Favourite restaurant/type of food: A toss up between Italian and Mexican food
Three short descriptions of you: Editor, Floor Manager, Coffee lover

I feel incredibly honored to be a part of this, I owe a lot of my confidence in both myself and my capacity for filmmaking to Iris so I am grateful to be considered for the Pink Portraits Revisited. I have recently started to explore my identity in an open way I’m still figuring a lot out, but I know that thanks to the support of people around me and organisations like the Iris Prize, I am far more comfortable in myself than I ever have been!

Pink Portraits Revisited is produced by the Iris Prize and supported by Cardiff University, University of South Wales and Ffotogallery.