Katie White

Katie White is an award-winning, Scottish BAFTA-nominated writer, producer and director based in Scotland. Her 2014 film Middle Man, directed by Charlie Francis, won the award for Best British Short at that year’s Iris Prize Festival. She and Charlie returned to Cardiff the following year with their follow-on short film, When a Man Loves a Woman, made partly with the assistance of their prize.


Katie White:
“Sometimes in life you stumble upon something you don’t realise will change your life. Iris was my ‘something’.”

“Winning Iris in 2014 with Charlie Francis was fantastic, but just as amazing was meeting, and becoming part of the Iris family. Berwyn and his extensive Iris family have welcomed me in, nurtured me, valued my opinions, and taken me on journeys from Cardiff to Dungarvan to London, and more recently on my first trip to Llandudno.”

“What Iris has also done, is to have taken me on worldwide film journeys, that have introduced me to amazing LGBT+ people, stories and situations, that like many others I would never have been aware of without the exposure they received as being part of Iris. Thank you, Iris, for this amazing honour. I will endeavour to do you proud.”