Mathew David


Pronouns: He/Him
Favourite film: The Dark Knight
First LGBTQ+ film/one that had a big impact on you: The Samaritan directed by Magnus Mork
Where you are from originally and where you are living now: Originally from Cardiff and I still live here.
Languages spoken: English
Favourite restaurant/type of food: Wagamama all day everyday

Three short descriptions of you: Actor, Writer, Batman Fanatic

Being part of the Pink Portraits Revisited is an honour. Over the last 10 years I have proudly worked in LGBTQ+ film, even when some members of the industry actively discouraged it. With major support from organisations like The Iris Prize Festival I am carving out my career that I am proud of. I am very excited about the future of LGBTQ+ people in Wales and I hope to continue to support them anyway I can.

Pink Portraits Revisited is produced by the Iris Prize and supported by Cardiff University, University of South Wales and Ffotogallery.