Oojal Kour


Pronouns: she/her
Favourite film: The Banshees of Inisherin
First LGBTQ+ film/one that had a big impact on you: Happy Together
Where you are from originally and where you are living now: Originally from Mumbai, India. Currently based in Cardiff.
Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Punjabi
Favourite restaurant/type of food: Korean
Three short descriptions of you: Writer, Photographer, cat lover

As a queer brown journalist, I seek to create a safe space for all intersectional identities within the LGBTQ+ community. With the help of Pink Portraits revisited, I hope I can reach out to these voices, especially of trans people who are relentlessly demonised by the media, and who deserve a world where their lives are not constantly a point of debate. Trans people have always been part of queer history; they’re not going anywhere. Happy LGBTQ+ History month!

Pink Portraits Revisited is produced by the Iris Prize and supported by Cardiff University, University of South Wales and Ffotogallery.