Brighton FringeBRIGHTON FRINGE 2024

The trip to Brighton is part of the annual Iris on the Move outing, when some of the very best short films shown at 2023 festival are taken on a tour of the UK.
Iris on the Move 2024 is sponsored by S4C.

Three programmes of short films will be screened: Best of Iris 2023Falling in love with Iris and Iris Youth.

Find more info below:

Falling in Love with Iris - 3:30PM, 5 & 6 MAY

60 minute film exploring love, desire and human connection. Includes Bubbling, Malwa Khushan, Single Meat Cutes and Diomysus.

Best of Iris 2023 - 5PM, 5 & 6 MAY

54 minutes of extraordinary films that have been honoured & celebrated at the 2023 Iris Prize Festival. Includes Realness with A Twist, Ted & Noel, F**ked and Scaring Women at Night

Iris Youth - 2PM, MON 6 MAY

51 minute film centring stories about younger LGBTQ+ people. Aikäne, My Summer in the Human Resistance, Malwa Khushan and Realness with a Twist.