Short Films 2021

“Respect your elders, protect the young.”

As Covid-19 ravages the US a gay man contemplates returning to his family in China, leaving behind his boyfriend and a way of life. In Japan, a transgender man must choose between city life with his girlfriend and remaining in the community where he grew up. In Berlin a gender fluid student bonds with their Vietnamese grandmother and the traditions of their ancestors.

The title of this programme is a line from Jackfruit, the last of these films, but it’s a theme present in all three stories from East Asia and the diaspora communities of the west.

58 Minutes

The Leaf (Dir. William L. Zang | USA | 4mins)

Between Us (Dir. Cailleah Scott-Grimes | Canada | 17mins)

Jackfruit (Dir. Thuy Trang Nguyen | Germany | 37mins)