Welcome to Iris industry

The Iris Industry allows Iris Film Academy students direct access to the film sector and will be led by industry professionals active in their sector. All talks are held in the Stadium Plaza, Wood Street (where you will also find Vue Cinema) are free to access.

  • Queer Joy with Heartstopper director Euros Lyn 

Wednesday 11 October, 10.30am
Euros Lyn, the Welsh director behind the beloved Netflix juggernaut Heartstopper, joins us to discuss the series and its impact, along with his incredible television career from Doctor Who, to Sherlock and Happy Valley. 

  • Shorts to Features with Fawzia Mirza 

Wednesday 11 October, 12.15pm 

Fawzia will be guiding us through her experience in working in both shorts and feature films, how the two differ, offering her advice and an opportunity to ask questions.  

  • Gay Aliens and Queer Folk

Thursday 12 October, 10.30am
Author Emily Garside discusses her new exploratory book ‘Gay Aliens and Queer Folk’, diving deep into the works and worlds of the trailblazing Russell T Davies. 

  • Breaking into Documentary Storytelling 

Thursday 12 October, 2pm 

Inspiring and boundary-pushing documentaries mirror the world we live in and can play a role in shaping perspectives. How do budding filmmakers take their first steps towards developing ideas for nonfiction films in a way that reveals authentic and compelling new stories? 

Hannah Bush Bailey (BFI Doc Society Fund Film and Production Executive) opens a conversation with filmmakers Julia Alcamo (director of Iris Prize nominated short Ted & Noel, supported through Made of Truth BFI Doc Society Fund), and Jay Bedwani (director of Ffilm Cymru Supported Donna) on developing ideas into impactful films. How do they gain access and build trust with contributors? How important is the role of the producer? How do they juggle creative careers? What’s the key to successful collaboration? This session will also explore current funding opportunities in the UK for creative nonfiction work for new and emerging filmmaking talent. 


  • The Future of Trans Representation on Screen 

Thursday 12 October, 6pm 

What does the future hold for transgender and nonbinary film making and on-screen representation? This roundtable session will allow for discussion from trans filmmakers sharing their experiences and advice, as well as exploring issues such as authentic casting and script writing; opportunities and networks; and providing a space for trans creatives to connect and share ideas. 

  • The Queer Archive – in or out! with Paul Davies 

Friday 13 October, 10.30am
Would you save Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain for future generations to see? If you could choose your favourite LGBTQ+ film, what would you choose? Join our panel as they discuss which queer films they’re going to shelve and which they will fight to preserve. It could get messy… 

  • Surviving and Thriving in Screen 

Friday 13 October, 12pm 

This session will provide details of the networks available in Wales, with a panel of Trade Union Members. Hear top tips from those behind the scenes and front of camera on how to succeed in Wales screen industry and beyond – this talk should help both those new to and those established in their work seek new connections and systems of support.

  • Directing Masterclass with Peter Hoar 

Friday 13 October, 2.30pm 

It’s A Sin, Nolly, The Last of Us director Peter Hoar will be sharing his expertise. 

  • Russell T Davies in Conversation 

Saturday 14 October 2023, 10.30am
Ahead of his much-anticipated return to Doctor Who, Welsh screenwriting trailblazer Russell T Davies joins us in conversation to discuss his groundbreaking projects and career. From Queer as Folk, It’s a Sin, Years and Years, Bob & Rose, Cucumber, Casanova, Torchwood, Doctor Who and Nolly. 

There will also be filmmakers and other industry professionals available for bookable 1-2-1 sessions throughout the week of the festival. The list of available people and sessions will be available soon.

Iris Film Academy students also have access to the short films screening at Iris on Vimeo (Visit: Iris Film Academy)