Pink Portraits Revisited!

The Iris Prize in partnership with Cardiff University and Ffotogallery is celebrating LGBT+ History Month 2023 by commissioning 10 new portraits of the next generation of film and TV makers incorporating the original 2010 Pink Portraits!

Mark - Pink Portraits

Project Details

In February 2023 we want to celebrate new portraits of the next generation of film and TV professionals as part of LGBT History Month. The intention is to use the original 2010 Pink Portraits to be incorporated with new portraits, presenting a direct link from the work of the pioneers to the future.

New portraits will be taken early in January 2023 with each sitter holding a large print of the original portraits including Stephen Fry, Phyllida Lloyd and Mark Gatiss.

LGBT+ History Month 2023

The theme for LGBT+ History Month 2023 is ‘Behind the Lens’ the aim is to highlight the work made by people of the LGBTQ+ community to the production of film and TV programs.

Pink Portraits

In 2010 the Iris Prize, together with the UK Film Council, commissioned celebrated Scottish portrait photographer, Donald MacLellan to photograph 20 gay and lesbian professionals working in front and behind the lens. They included Simon Callow, Terence Davies, Stephen Fry, Phyllida Lloyd, Mark Gatiss, Briony Hanson, Sean Mathias, Sir Ian McKellen, Berwyn Rowlands, Sophie Ward and Sir Antony Sher.

Open Call

The Iris Prize in partnership with Ffotogallery is looking for a talented photographer to create ten new portraits of the next generation of film and TV professionals in Wales.

This opportunity is open to all early career photographers currently based in Wales who identify as LGBTQ+ or who are supporters and allies of the community.

To enter please submit the following via email to

  • Your full name, date of birth, email address in a word document.
  • A selection of up to 10 photographs demonstrating your skills at portraiture (max. 72dpi, 1920 pixels wide)
  • Submit a short statement or video (up to 250 words/3 minute long) outlining your interest in working on the project
  • Artist statement/CV (100 words max) including a link to your website/social media, where applicable

Submissions open at 9am on Friday 18th November 2022

Deadline for submissions is 11.59pm on Thursday 15th December 2022

A fee of £1,000 will be awarded to the winner.

Travel and other appropriate costs will also be covered.

In the event that two entrants are selected, the fee will be split 50/50 and each artist will make 5 portraits.

Images submitted for this opportunity will not be published, reproduced or otherwise shared outside of Iris and Ffotogallery without the artist’s permission.

For any questions or further information please contact