Iris wouldn’t happen without our amazing team of volunteers each year.

Covering a variety of roles at the festival, the volunteer team is the face of Iris for most festival-goers and has become an important part of the Iris family. We return the favour with a full festival pass and Iris Membership (valid for one year), which gets you everywhere you want to go during the festival when you’re not on shift, as well as a bunch of other cool things—not least a top spot within our beloved Iris family.

Most volunteers get stuck in a variety of front-of-house roles, but if there’s a particular area you’d like to volunteer in, or a skill you have to offer, please let us know so we can make the most of your amazing box office/ technology/ French/ juggling skills during your time with Iris.

If you would like to volunteer at Iris 2024 and secure Iris Membership for FREE, Please send email today to: