BOOKING Best of iris 2021 films

We’re delighted to offer these LGBT+ short films for free in the UK, as two curated packages “The Best of Iris 2021” and “Iris Prize Trans Stories”, or individually. All films have been rated by the BBFC

List of past screenings across UK here

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  • All films and packages are available for free. In return, the Iris Prize LGBT+ Film Festival name and logo must appear as part of any promotions of the film screenings. Online listings should feature a link to and social media posts should mention @irisprize (Instagram, Twitter) or @Irisprizefestival (Facebook).  
  • Copy about the festival will be provided which should be used in the event description as appropriate.    
  • All online screenings must be ticketed, even if the tickets are free, unless it is a private screening (for example, offered only to members of an organisation/workplace and not the general public).  
  • All films are available as digital download to share via your own online platform, where it must be geolocked to the UK. We can also arrange screenings via Iris Prize on screening platform Eventive. For private screenings we can provide a password-protected link to our own streaming platform (Vimeo). Please contact us to discuss which of these options will be most suitable for your screening. 
  • For in-person screenings, all programmes are available via digital download.
  • If you require a DCP on hard drive – a charge will be made to cover costs, approximately £50.

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Here is the Trailer: