Short Films 2021

One World

Iris has been sharing stories from around the world for 15 years, so it’s always a pleasure and a privilege when we can share some from places new. Encompassing drama, documentary and a music video, these films take us to Russia, Iran, Bulgaria, war-torn Libya and the First Nation community of Manawan, Quebec. Globally, the rights and freedoms of Queer people vary greatly, and though these films shine a light on the terrible difficulties many still face, they also offer messages of hope.

65 Minutes

Pitoc e icinakosian– Dir. Gerry-Ottawa & Jos Onimskiw Ottawa-Dube | Manawan, Nitaskian (Canada) | 6mins

And Just Two More – Dir. Allireza Mohammadi | Iran | 20mins

Eggshells / Cherupki– Dir. Slava Doytcheva | Bulgaria | 15mins

Baba – Dir. Sam Arbor & Adam Ali | UK | 18mins

We Will Become Better – Sansara – Dir. Andsej Gavriss | Russia | 6mins