Bournemouth 2020

Changing The Game

Following a number of elite young trans athletes, Changing the Game offers a moving portrait of their resilience, courage and determination

The subject of elite sports remains one of the most contentious in the debate surrounding trans rights. Trans athletes who excel are accused of cheating, many are barred from competing as the gender with which they identify.  

Changing the Game follows a number of trans athletes, exploring some of the challenges and prejudices they face in trying to compete in their chosen sports. These include student wrestler Mack Beggs, a trans man who made headlines when he twice became Texas state champion in girls’ wrestling; Andraya, a track star in Connecticut; and Sarah, a skier from New Hampshire.  

Changing the Game is a timely film on a pressing subject, and a moving portrait of resilience, courage and determination. 

“A smart, poignant tribute to young athletes changing the rules.” – Hollywood Reporter

“I’ve been wanting to see a documentary like Changing the Game for a long time.” – Film Threat 


(SH001) Main Lecture Theatre