Berwyn believes that popular music started with Abba and was eventually taken to another level by the Pet Shop Boys. When his home was burgled in 2000 he was relieved that his CD collection was not disturbed by the intruder...
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Grant has a passion for putting things into alphabetical order and studying train timetables – which is probably just as well as he’s retained by the Iris Prize team to look after the archive as well organising the travel for...
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Holly Russell-Allison
Head of Outreach & Social Media
Holly has been around Iris since the very beginning, having made appearances over the years in various capacities from audience member to jury coordinator to red coat wearer. After working in Musical Theatre in the West End (sorry Berwyn!) and...
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Harrison Williams
Content Producer
Harrison is a University of South Wales graduate with experience in Short Docs, Music Videos and a variety of other promotional content. His favourite thing to do when working with Iris is Onset photography and BTS, he loves capturing the...
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Kris Francies
Technical and Events Support
Kris has been part of the Iris team for the past 10 years and has undertaken key roles in each of the winner’s films, several of which have been recognised for their excellence with Sundance and Bafta. During the festival...
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Lynne Reynolds
Translator, Welsh Media Coordinator
Lynne has been involved with the Iris Prize Festival since the beginning, in a professional and personal capacity, and had been helping the team with Welsh language copy and working with Francis on membership developments.  Now she has taken on the role...
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Paul Smith
Media Coordinator
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Tom Selway
Iris Prize Host/Presenter
Thomas joins us fresh from the Cardiff Mini Film Festival. He previously presented and produced programming for Made in Cardiff TV and Radio Cardiff. He also hosted two of our Q&As at the Iris Prize Festival in 2017.
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Francis Brown
Iris Members Coordinator
Back in his formative teenage years there were very few films that featured any form of gay content. As a result, whenever anything was shown on TV or at the cinema Francis just had to watch; however bad or obscure....
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Adnan Ahmed
Adnan Ahmed
Marketing Assistant
Adnan is an international student from University of South Wales who is currently engaged in a 12-month work placement with the Iris Prize. He loves working and learning new skills. When he is not busy, he loves scrolling and posting...
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Angela Clarke
Production Advisor (Documentary)
Angela Clarke is a Scottish filmmaker living in Wales. In 2019 she founded Wheesht Films, an independent production company based in Cardiff. For the last 17 years Angela has executive produced, directed and developed factual TV content for UK &...
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Erykah Cameron
Podcast Coordinator
I’m Erykah, I’m going into my second year studying media and communication at Cardiff Uni. I have a deep love for all things film, diversity and sausage dogs (not necessarily in that order either). I originally thought that I wanted...
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