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Iris Reunion –The first Iris Prize production

Cast & crew from the very first Iris Production, made in Cardiff with Dee Rees, look back on the experience


In the summer of 2009, Oscar nominated filmmaker Dee Rees spent two months in Cardiff writing and filming Colonial Gods. This was the first short film to be produced with a winner of the Iris Prize. Today, eleven short films have been made, with a twelfth coming once it is safe to do so.

We’ve brought together individuals who worked on the first and many other Iris Prize Productions to share their memories of the experience. We will also be looking at the benefits of volunteering and how to make the most of your first experience working on a professional shoot.

Host: Tom Selway

Panel Members: Zoe Howerska, Said Mohamed and Kris Francis

This is a pre-recorded session.
Available to watch for FREE until 31 October 2020