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The exhibition premiered at the 10th anniversary Iris Prize Festival in Cardiff  from 12th – 16th October 2016. It then visited Cineworld, Llandudno Junction, from 15 – 16 February 2017 . If you would like to host the IRIS AND ME exhibition please contact Iris HQ 

More details about Iris and Me in Cineworld Llandudno Junction HERE!


“I’m really excited and thrilled to be rustling through the archives from the last ten years, to pick out the best of my stills from our Iris Prize winners films. Having been with Iris right from the first event, I have been an intimate witness to all the success that Iris has enjoyed, documenting each festival, and following the creative process behind each film.

“In this tenth year I think it’s right that Iris looks back over her achievements, and I’m flattered that my photographs are deemed to be of a high enough quality to tell that story. I’m proud and amazed that these photos will find their way to film festivals around the world. Here’s to the next ten years!”
Jon Pountney.

An ambitious site-specific installation of photographs by Wales based photographer Jon Pountney is one of the main events to celebrate the festival’s 10th anniversary in 2016.  He has been documenting Iris prize since its inception in 2006, as well as the short films made by winners of the prize. This event offers a window on the world of film production as well as offering previously unseen behind-the-scenes coverage of the eight Iris Prize Productions to date.

The installation is hosted in the Park Inn Cardiff City Centre Hotel, in partnership with Ffotogallery and British Council Wales. It includes up to 80 on-location photographs reproduced as banners, digitally projected images and as traditional photographic prints, but it also incorporates soundscapes and music from the Iris Prize archive.

Elements of the exhibition including the large photographic prints are open to the public during the day for the duration of the 2016 festival.

However, the fully immersive performance of lights, digital projections on large screens, music, soundscapes takes place each evening. The 20-minute extravaganza is a marriage of 8 short films commissioned from film maker Adrian Naik, with an immersive soundscape designed by Dai Shel. There will be five opportunities to experience the performance at 6.30pm throughout the festival.

The exhibition is a visually impacting reminder to people that Iris is much more than a film festival which supports the creation of new film content. It also serves to demonstrate the cultural and economic impact of the film making sector in the UK and how Iris has co-produced 8 films with partners from 5 countries.

As part of the 10th anniversary celebrations we are delighted to be working with our distribution partners Peccadillo Pictures to bring you the Best Of Iris. They are making available from October 2016 through December 2017 the award winning collection of seven short films made by winners of the Iris Prize, including the Sundance Award winner, Burger. They are available on-line! TAKE ME TO THE MOVIES NOW!

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