Are you the next winner? 2017 submissions open…

• Submissions are now open for the 2017 Iris Prize Festival, with a total prize fund of £50,000

• Iris Prize at £30,000 supported by The Michael Bishop Foundation continues to be the world’s largest LGBT short film prize!

• Could you be the second British winner of the Iris Prize? Or the third American, the fourth Australian or the first French winner?
Organisers of the Iris Prize have today (9 January 2017) confirmed that the £30,000 Iris Prize, awarded to the best LGBT short film, continues to be the world’s largest short film prize, thanks to the generous support of The Michael Bishop Foundation. Iris Prize Chair, Andrew Pierce commented: “We were delighted that in 2016, our 10th anniversary year, we had our first British winner, with Toby Fell-Holden taking both the Iris Prize and the Iris Prize Best British awards. Will 2017 be second time lucky for a British film maker? You never know with Iris! Who would have predicted that the award would find its way to Australia for three consecutive years!” “Iris is about celebrating LGBT talent and I would encourage any film maker to get involved by submitting their films. Thanks to the generous support of The Michael Bishop Foundation, the Iris Prize continues to be the only LGBT short film prize in the world which allows the winner to make a new film. “Thanks also to Pinewood Studios Group we are for the third year running able to support British film makers directly with a prize valued at £20,000 - sound post production on their next short film project. Iris is more than just a trophy that gathers dust or a certificate that yellows on the wall. Iris is what film makers need – funding, support and guidance.” Submissions are now open for the 2017 Iris Prize Festival. The Cardiff (UK) based festival, which takes place from 10th – 15th October 2017, presents three main awards:
  • Iris Prize - Cardiff's International LGBT short film prize supported by The Michael Bishop Foundation
  • Iris Prize Best British Short sponsored by Pinewood Studios Group
  • Iris Prize Best Feature Award
Eight short films have been produced to date by the Iris Prize with award winning filmmakers from across the world. Spoilers directed by Brendan McDonall, the 7th short film produced by the Iris Prize, continues to entertain audiences at film festivals worldwide.” The main festival sponsors are: The Michael Bishop Foundation, Welsh Government, BFI, Ffilm Cymru Wales, Pinewood Studios Group, Cardiff University, Gorilla Group, Cineworld, Pride Cymru, British Council Wales, Orchard, Pride Cymru and Bafta Cymru. Details about submitting films can be found here. Photo: Past winners: Magnus Mork (Norway) 2010, Arkasha Stevenson (USA) 2015, and Till Kleinert (Germany) 2008 attending the Iris Prize Festival's 10th anniversary celebrations in Cardiff, October 2016.