Rosemary Baker

Authentic Casting / Representation

Rosemary Baker is a documentary filmmaker and visual artist in the UK who moves between the production and development sides of the TV industry. Rose’s Channel 4 documentary ‘How to Make It on OnlyFans’, was broadcast in 2021 and earned critical acclaim both in the broadsheets (“one of the most charming TV moments of 2021” – The Guardian) and on Gogglebox. In 2022, she won the Celtic Media Award for Best Short Form for her Channel 4 film ‘Lesbian’, a collaboration with acclaimed spoken word artist Lisa Luxx, which was a part of Iris’s Best British 2021. Originally pitched live to network commissioners at the Edinburgh TV Festival, as part of the “Ones to Watch” TV industry talent scheme, it has been shortlisted for numerous other high-profile industry awards, and screened at prestigious film festivals around the world.  

Rose started her career in radio, and when she’s not producing and directing she paints and draws, and also has a research Masters in German post-Holocaust literature and says that these passions are all related in finding ways to connect, and to create empathy; trying to make others, myself, and the world, a little better understood.