Awards Ceremony 2023

An A-list BAFTAqualifying festival, Iris has also been identified as one of the “50 film festivals worth the entry fee” by MovieMaker Magazine 5 times. The festival prides itself on sharing the very best of LGBTQ+ filmmaking in Cardiff each October. This is supported through a worldwide network of partner festivals in 19 countries who nominate films each year, alongside open submissions.


Supported by The Michael Bishop Foundation

Winners of the Iris Prize are:

2023 – Karimah Zakia Issa (Canada) director of short film SCARING WOMEN AT NIGHT
2022 – John Sheedy (Australia) director of short film Tarneit
2021 – Sam Arbor and Adam Ali (UK) director of short film BABA.
2020 – Victoria Warmerdam (Netherlands) director of short film Short Calf Muscle (Korte Kuitspier)
2019 – Sarah Smith (USA) director of short film Black Hat
2018 – Lara Zeidan (Lebanon/UK) director of short film Three Centimetres
2017   Mikael Bundsen (Sweden) director of short film Mother Knows Best
2016 – Toby Fell – Holden (UK) director of short film Balcony
2015 – Arkasha Stevenson (USA) director of short film Vessels
2014 – Brendon McDonall (Australia) director of short film All God’s Creatures
2013 – Tim Marshall (Australia) director of short film Gorilla
2012 – Grant Scicluna (Australia) director of short film The Wilding
2011 – Daniel Ribeiro (Brazil) director of short film I Don’t Want To Go Back Alone
2010 – Magnus Mork (Norway) director of short film The Samaritan
2009 – Eldar Rapaport (USA) director of short film Steam
2008 – Till Kleinert (Germany) director of short film Cowboy
2007 – Dee Rees (USA) director of short film Pariah

Best British Short

Sponsored by Film4 & Pinewood Studios

Winners of Best British Short are:
2023 –  Sara Harrak director of short film F**ked
2022 – Shiva Raichandani director of short film QUEER PARIVAAR
2021 – SAM ARBOR and ADAM ALI director of short film BABA
2020 – Michael J Ferns director of short film Better
2019 – Alfie Dale director of short film My Brother is a Mermaid
2018 – Claire Lawrie director of short film BEYOND (There’s Always a Black Issue, Dear) 
2017 – Dionne Edwards director of short film We Love Moses
2016 – Toby Fell-Holden director of short film Balcony
2015 – Lloyd Eyre-Morgan director of short film Closets
2014 – Charlie Francis director of short film Middle Man
2013 – Jay Bedwani director of short film My Mother
2012 – Fabio Youniss director of short film A Stable for Disabled Horses
2011 – Andrew Steggall director of short film The Red Bike
2010 – Ana Moreno director of short film Mosa
2009 – Aleem Khan director of short film Diana
2008 – Connor Clements director of short film James
2007 – Abbe Robinson director of short film Private Life


Sponsored by OUT AND PROUD

2023 – Emma D’Arcy for the role of ‘Tommy’ in The Talent
2022 – Gary Fannin for the role of ‘Jim’ in Jim


Sponsored by OUT AND PROUD

2023 – Meg Salter for the role of ‘Jess’ in F**KED and Rosalind Eleazar for the role of ‘Dani’ in F**KED
2022 – Claudia Jolly for the role of ‘Lydia Willis’ in Tommies

Best Performance in a role Beyond the Binary (Best British)

Sponsored by Out & Proud

2023 – Son of a Tutu for the role of ‘Miss Coco Lemon’ in Lemon


Sponsored by Bad Wolf

Winners of the Iris Prize Best Feature Award are:
2023 – Femme directed by Sam H Freeman and Ng Choon Ping (UK)
2022 – Metamorphosis directed by Jose Enrique Tiglao (Philippines)
2021 – Rebel Dykes directed by Harri Shanahan and Siân A. Williams (UK)
2020 – Cocoon (Kokon) directed by Leonie Krippendorff (Germany)
2019 – And Then We Danced directed by Levan Akin (Sweden/Georgia/France)
2018 – 1985 directed by Yen Tan (USA)
2017 – Prom King, 2010 directed by Christopher Schaap (USA)
2016  – Real Boy directed by Shaleece Haas (USA)
2015 – Fourth Man Out directed by Andrew Nackman (USA)
2014 – Boy Meets Girl directed by Eric Schaeffer (USA)
2013 – Cupcakes directed by Eytan Fox (Israel)
2012 – Sex of Angels directed by Xavier Vilaverde (Spain)
2011 – August directed by Eldar Rapaport (USA)
2010 – My Friend from Faro directed by Nana Neul (Germany)
2009 – Redwoods directed by David Lewis (USA)
2008 – Dream Boy directed by James Bolton (USA)


Sponsored by Attitiude Magazine

2023 – Hubert Mikowski for the role of ‘Robert’ in Norwegian Dream (Norway)
2022 – Giancarlo Commare for the role of Antonio in Mascarpone (Italy)
2021 – Udo Kier for the role of Pat Pitsenbarger in Swan Song (USA)
2020 – Leandro Faria Lelo for the role of Sandro in Dry Wind (Vento Seco) (Brazil)
2019 – Henry Golding for the role of Kit in Monsoon (UK)
2018 – Félix Maritaud for the role of Leo in Sauvage (France)
2017 – Miles Szanto for the role of Miklós Varga in Teenage Kicks (Australia)
2016 – Tom Green for the role of Anthony in Downriver (Australia)
2015 – Davide Capone for the role of Davide in Darker than Midnight (Piu Buio Di Mezzanotte) (Italy)
2014 – Michael Welch for the role of Robby in Boy Meets Girl (USA)
2013 – Ryan Steele for the role of Chip in Five Dances (USA)
2012 – Ohad Knoller for the role of Yossi in Yossi (Israel)
2011 – Murray Bartlett for the role of Troy in August (USA)


Sponsored by Diva Magazine

2023 – Amrit Kaur for the role of ‘Azra’ in The Queen of my Dreams (Canada)
2022 – Lacey Oake for the role of Izzy in Before I Change My Mind (Canada)
2021 – Senan Kara for the role of Selma in Not Knowing (Turkey)
2020 – Lena Urzendowsy for the role of Nora in Cocoon (Kokon) (Germany)
2019 – Linda Caridi for the role of Karole in Mom + Mom (Mamma + Mamma) (Italy)
2018 – Jamie Chung for the role of Carly in 1985 (USA)
2017 – Fawzia Mirza for the role of Zaynab in Signature Move (USA)
2016 – Kerry Fox for the role of Paige Levy in Downriver (Australia)
2015 – Sigrid ten Napel for the role of Anna in Summer (Zomer) (Netherlands)
2014 – Kate Trotter for the role of Alise in Tru Love (Canada)
2013 – Sabine Wolf for the role of Katja in Two Mothers (Germany)
2012 – Kristina Valada-Viars for the role of Molly in Molly’s Girl (USA)
2011 – Allison Lane for the role of Candy in Going Down in La-La Land (USA)

Iris Prize Best Performance in a role Beyond the Binary (Feature Film)

sponsored by Peccadillo Pictures

2023 – Bishop Black for the role of ‘Queen Bitch’ in Captain Faggotron Saves the Universe (Germany, 2023)
2022 – Gold Azeron for the role of Adam in Metamorphosis (Philippines)


Sponsored by Cardiff University

2023 – Realness with a Twist, directed by Cass Kaur Virdee (UK)
2022 – Breathe directed by Harm van der Sanden (Netherlands)
2021 – S.A.M directed by Lloyd Eyre-Morgan and Neil Ely (UK)
2020 – Wings directed by Jamie Weston (UK)
2019 – My Brother is a Mermaid directed by Alfie Dale (UK)
2018 – Mrs McCutcheon  directed by John Sheedy (Australia)
2017 – Lily directed by Graham Cantwell (Ireland)
2016 – Sign directed by Andrew Keenan-Bolger (USA)
2015 – Closets directed by Lloyd Eyre-Morgan (UK)
2014 – Bombshell directed by Erin Sanger (USA)
2013 – Straight With You directed by Daan Bol (Netherlands)


Sponsored by Mark Williams in memory of Rose Taylor

2023 – Where’s Danny, directed by Amy Pennington
2022 – Want/Need, directed by Niamh Buckland (UK)
2021 –  Lonely Cowgirl directed by Lydia Garnett (UK)


Sponsored by Mark Williams in memory of Rose Taylor

2023 – Trickle-Down Economics, directed by Sophie Ansell
2022 – Hold Me Close Please, directed by Max Roberts (UK)
2021 – Amen directed by Erick Edwardson (UK)


Sponsored by Mark Williams in memory of Rose Taylor

2023 – The Fight in the Dog, directed by Pamela Jikiemi
2022 – The Bed, directed by Thalia Kent-Egan (UK)


Sponsored by Co-op

2023 – Ted and Noel directed by Julia Alcamo  (UK)
2022 – Jim directed by Tom Young  (UK)
2021 – Birthday Boy directed by Leo LeBeau (UK)
2020 – Wings directed by Jamie Weston (UK)